10 Unusual Ways To Pump Up Energy–Right Away

There will always be a point in our day when it is very difficult to start up our internal engine or a point in a day when our energy plummets to a level where we find it difficult to concentrate or focus. Grabbing a cup of espresso seems to be the most popular way to give an instant boost of vigor. But do you know there are more natural and safe ways to help boost your energy? Try them out, and you might be surprised.

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10. Indulge Thy Eyes With Red

Feast your eyes with the color red- a blooming rubicund rose, juicy red apples, or a plush sanguine tomato- just anything red! Why? Well, it’s because red is akin to passion and action. It stimulates the brain, propelling one to physical movement. But be cautious, too much red may cause a surge of passion and aggression.

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