5 Caffeine-Free Ways to Boost Up Your Energy

1460171396251_massageLots of people these days seem to have trouble functioning well without a dose of a morning coffee. We generally use it not only to jumpstart the day but to keep going through it, too, by staying awake despite insane work hours and by being able to operate at hyper-speed. Without coffee (or any sugar-packed, caffeinated energy drinks), some of us end up suffering from headaches and even feeling a bit cranky and worn-out! While antioxidants are great for our body, we still shouldn’t rely too much on caffeine to help ourselves carry through the day. Bear in mind that coffee isn’t the only solution the moment we start to lose our steam.


5 Easy Habits to Keep Your Energy at its Peak


  1. Get active. Although this may sound a bit counter-intuitive, note that exercise is actually one of the great ways to feel livelier when you’re low on energy. Physical activities help in initiating several physiological changes in your body that help increase blood flow, which in turn aids in improving that person’s alertness and overall energy availability. Exercise also reduces stress and anxiety, enhances one’s quality of sleep, and improves digestion.
  2. Sleep well. Since much of the restorative work in your body occurs when you are snoozing, try your best to get eight hours of sleep or more every night. Not only does sleep replenish energy store, it also repairs damaged tissues, decreases pain, and optimizes immune function.
  3. Stay hydrated. Keeping yourself well-hydrated all the time is critical to get nutrients to your cells as well as wash away toxins. Remember that more than half of our body is made of water. That’s why it’s not very surprising when we suffer from fatigue and poor concentration even with just mild dehydration.
  4. Eat some superfoods. Getting some supreme foods into your diet will help in giving you that quick-fix buzz for your caffeine cravings. These include goji berries which are rich in Vitamin C, iron, and an array of minerals, raw cacao which is also chock full of nutrients such as the compound theobromine, and fresh greens (especially the dark leafy ones) which keep our circulatory system running smoothly.
  5. Get a massage. It may sound a bit indulgent, but it’s amazingly beneficial for you. Not only that massage improves circulation, it also regulates our mood, sleep, and appetite, increases nutrient and oxygen supply to the cells, and even washes away our body’s energy-draining metabolic wastes.


These are just some of those caffeine-free ways to perk up. There are plenty of other practices that you can start doing now to increase your energy levels without caffeine. Cutting down will definitely involve some lifestyle changes; however, you surely will feel much better in the end. Plus, think of all the money you will be able to save without that morning latte or macchiato!

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