5 Natural Ways to Wake Up Even Prettier

1459560004904_Wake-upEach time you remember how nerve-racking your mornings are, the last thing you most likely would say you got the time for is a complicated beauty regimen. Sometimes, you secretly wish if only you could wake up effortlessly beautiful all the time just like that friend you know who always seems to be stunning even when she apparently just rolled out of bed. You can’t help but ask yourself how in the world she manages to do that.


Well, it’s actually simpler than you think. Remember that getting enough sleep at night is the closest possible thing we could get to the fountain of youth. When we don’t sleep or are deprived of it, our body misses its chance to repair and recover. When this happens, not only does our appearance get affected but our ability to perform optimally during the day becomes a problem as well.  To look younger and definitely more refreshed than yesterday, make the following your habit!


  1. Get enough sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the recommended amount of quality sleep we need every night is between seven to nine hours.
  2. Hydrate. Drinking lots of water each day will not only make your complexion better, but it will help in increasing your energy, in relieving fatigue, and even in giving your immune system a boost, too. Also, ending your day with chlorophyll water will help with insomnia. It is loaded with antioxidant so this can aid in more cleaning and repairing while you are fast asleep.
  3. Meditate. Find time to turn over in your mind for about 10 to 20 minutes. Through meditation and inversion exercises like yoga, you will be able to fall asleep more quickly and get a more deeply refreshing quality slumber by relieving muscle tensions as well as alleviating stress in general.
  4. Use eye cream and face oil. By hydrating the skin around your eyes, you keep fine lines from becoming visible. Also, cleansing your face with oil will remove those impurities that cause breakouts and dullness. To benefit more from the plant’s nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, opt for organic, natural veggies, seed, or nut oil to massage onto your face.
  5. Always mind your diet. We all know how eating a healthy and balanced dinner can increase our capability to sleep more quickly, and improve our overall wellness. However, eating too much before going to bed can pose some risks. Give yourself at least three hours from the time you ate dinner to your bedtime so your tummy will have sufficient time to digest then settle down. Otherwise, you are in for indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux. And you don’t want that. Also, take probiotic supplements, too!


Lastly, you might want to replace your bed linens and pillowcases at least every week. Remember that a lot of microscopic creatures like dust mites can feast on flakes of our skin; thus, triggering eczema or asthma-like symptoms particularly to those who are allergic. Besides, it always helps to sleep better when you are actually comfortable in your own bed.

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