5 Proven Habits to Fight Chronic Inflammation and Enhance Your Metabolism

1459563477946_Relax-It appears like some people are a bit preoccupied with inflammation nowadays. Well, why not? More and more research studies seem to reveal the link between chronic inflammation and a wide variety of chronic diseases (from weight gain to depression, and even cancer!).


Inflammation, a complex process intended to heal, can oftentimes turn into danger. While some are definitely crucial in our survival as it helps us be warned about any acute injury to our body and overcome any further damage, certain sorts of inflammation (especially when it becomes long-term or persistent) can lead to major health problems. In fact, chronic inflammation can result in heart attacks, stroke, or worse, melanoma.


Winning the Inflammation Warfare


To help you keep this supposed first-aid respondent from growing to be a front-line attacker, it would help for you to do the following lifesaver tricks on a regular basis:


  1. Stay well- Studies show that drinking two glasses of cool water before each meal will help boost your resting metabolism. In fact, it is said to be sufficient for you to lose as much as five pounds every year even if you do nothing else. Additionally, try to bring in liquid antioxidants. Orange juice contains not just Vitamin C but flavanoids as well which (as you must be familiar with) are both powerful antioxidants. Sipping some green tea can also aid in boosting your metabolic rate and in promoting fat oxidation. Finally, a cup of coffee or black tea will also go a long way towards improving your metabolism Just make sure you don’t drink so much though.
  2. Don’t skip breakfast, and eat properly. Eat your first meal of the day soon after you wake up in the morning – preferably within half an hour to jumpstart your day. It is highly recommended that in order for your metabolism to keep pulsating and for you to steer clear of hunger and unnecessary cravings, you eat three meals and two snacks a day. Also, practice slower eating as taking your time and chewing the food unhurriedly help in speeding up your metabolism. And last but definitely not the least, please always include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Make it a habit that at every meal, you get to fill half of your plate with fresh produce that contains protective inflammation-stopping phyto-nutrient like berries, zucchini, and red grapes.
  3. Never forget your protein. Ensure that your every meal and snack includes a good source of protein as it will provide your metabolism an awesome additional boost. Bear in mind though that the protein you eat doesn’t have to be strictly meat only. For instance, a piece of celery topped with a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter includes complex carb, fiber, and yes, protein!
  4. Keep Moving, and exercise smart. Remember that some of the positive cardiovascular upshots of physical activity are often associated with changes in blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. So even if you have a boring desk job, try your best to not sit still for very long periods of time. Make it a point that you actually move around from time to time, maybe every 30 minutes. If you have the time and stamina, try the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise. It is a particularly difficult form of intense workout but it is a guaranteed metabolism booster and fat burner!
  5. Avoid stress and find time to relax. Stress is good at bumping up your cortisol which can slow down your metabolism; thus, increase your fat. Besides, some of you reach for food (oftentimes sugary) when strained and frazzled. Start looking (if you haven’t already) for a form of relaxation that works well for you. This is very essential to ensure your overall wellbeing.

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