6 Cancer-Fighting Super Foods

1460734383043_tomatoCancer is the second most deadly disease in the US. But can you actually reduce your risk of developing this condition by eating the right foods? Most health experts would agree that it is possible. In fact, even small dietary changes can already make a big difference in your cancer risk. One common yet effective “change” is introducing nutrient-rich foods into your diet.


Healthy Foods to Include in Your Diet


Certain super foods offer up all the nutrients your body requires to stay strong and healthy. Be sure to check out our list below that you surely will feel good about filling your cart with.


  1. Among the cruciferous vegetables (i.e. kale, cauliflower), broccoli is the only one with a significant amount of sulforaphane which is an especially potent compound that boosts up the body’s protective enzymes and works best to flush out cancer-causing chemicals. Broccoli helps fight liver, breast, lung, skin, prostate, stomach, and bladder cancers.
  2. All berries are rich with cancer-fighting phytochemicals, but black raspberries, in particular, contain extremely high concentrations of anthocyanins which slow down the growth of pre-malignant cells and help keep new blood vessels from developing (and potentially nourishing) cancerous lumps. Berries are known to help fight oral, esophageal, colon, and skin cancers.
  3. Tomatoes are one of the best dietary sources of lycopene which has been found to stop endometrial cancer cell growth. This juicy fruit has been identified to fight lung, prostate, and stomach cancers, too!
  4. Walnuts have phytosterols which have been shown to hinder estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells, most likely slowing its growth. Walnuts also combat prostrate cancers.
  5. Phytochemicals in garlic have been observed to cut short the formation of nitrosamines which are carcinogens that form in the stomach (and even intestines) when you consume nitrates, a very widespread food preservative. Studies have revealed that women who include the highest amounts of garlic in their food had about 50% reduction of risks related to colon cancers as compared to those who eat the least. Garlic is said to fight colon, breast, esophageal, and stomach cancers.
  6. A recent study showed that black and navy beans can greatly reduce incidence of colon cancer in rats. Another research suggested that dried beans are particularly effective in breast cancer prevention in the same animals as well.


A cancer-fighting diet is definitely one of the key strategies you can use to lower your risk of developing the dreaded condition. In fact, the American Cancer Society recommends, for instance, that you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis and eat the right amount of food in order to stay at healthy. Start including the super foods mentioned above and you will see how your efforts will pay off in the end.

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