6 Revolutionary Ways To Cope With ADHD

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Most of us know or have a child diagnosed with ADHD. It seems more and more children are getting diagnosed with it. It is shocking and alarming. Many parents are concerned that doctors may just merely be tagging normal childhood symptoms as ADHD. Whatever the case, it is being diagnosed at alarmingly high rates. What symptoms do doctors typically consider ADHD? That is a great question.

  • These kids cannot concentrate on something that is monotonous and uninteresting to them.
  • Everything is an organized mess. Things may look cluttered and disorganized, but somehow they know that one shoe is in the laundry room and the other is behind the couch.
  • Moving is a must in order to generate excellent work.
  • They are often forgetful because their minds run at such a fast pace.
  • Impulsive behavior.

Do any of these sound familiar? Don’t worry you’re not alone. So many families are forced to face these challenges. These kids are meant to be eccentric, they are here for a reason, the indigo children if you will.

These kids are put here to strip away the old ways the current society knows of doing things; forcing parents and teacher to handle “special needs” children in a healthy natural way. If you choose not to hinder their roles and dull their minds with medication, hooray! But where do you start or what are the other ways to cope?

1. Routine

One of the easiest ways to retrain your child’s memory naturally is to form a routine. I’d you do the same thing every day it will be come second nature to the child. Naturally their memory will improve and start adding more things to their routine. For example they may come home from school put their shoes and back pack in the same spot every day do their home work and out it back in the backpack every day. Eliminating the chances of forgetting homework.

2. Meditation

Now this will teach your ADHD child to naturally calm the brain and help them to focus on tasks better and also help them to sit still for longer periods of time. There are tons of children’s meditations on YouTube. Here’s a Children’s Guided Meditation. There’s plenty more as well. Some for sleep, which ADHD children have a hard time shutting off their brains at night. A bedtime meditation would help them to naturally calm their brains at night without the use of sleeping medication.

3. Yoga

This is an amazing way to get some structured healthy physical exercise in during the winter, as well as teaching these amazingly smart kids impulse control without medication. There is also yoga videos on youtube for children. Use the internet to your advantage, not just for social media!

4. Get Some Sunshine

The benefits of vitamin D can not be stressed enough. Our bodies need it because it plays a vital role in our mental well-being. We are ment to live closely with nature to begin with, so it makes sense when we start isolating ourselves from nature, that we start to suffer. Even if your child can just get twenty minutes of natural sun light a day, that will help tremendously with depression.

5. Eat Naturally

Everybody knows that sugar and red dye aggravate the symptoms of ADHD. But what about the other additives in foods, meats, vegetables. Studies have shown that eating naturally, organically, from the earth, has a phenomenal effect on the symptoms. Reports show children being calmer, less anxiety, and less impulsive and angry. These children are special, they are here to help us change the world, by forcing parents to get healthy, organic food they force society to change back to the way things are ment to be.

6. Don’t Treat It As A Disorder

The most important thing you could possibly do is to not treat this like a disorder. You know that your child is special, they have a job to change how schools, parents, doctors and teachers do things. They are here to send a clear message that we are so far removed from where we need to be. These kids are amazingly smart, give them a chance to do their job and encourage them. Don’t hinder them by trying to hide how “different” they are. In reality it is not them that is different, it is society that is oddly different.

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