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Fascinated by crystals and celebrities? Read on to find out more on how they are connected!

There is no question that holistic practices are gaining popularity in today’s world. More and more people are waking up to the fact that natural approaches to health have a lot of benefits to offer, and even celebrities openly share their admiration to holistic techniques, like the use of crystals to promote physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

But what is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative holistic technique where crystals are utilized to enable positive and healing energies to flow into the body. This technique follows the notion that located within the body are crucial energy points known as chakras. While a healthy and unblocked energy point promotes health; an unhealthy and restricted chakra encourages illnesses.

In crystal healing, the crystals when placed in certain areas on the body to clear blocked energy points and act as conduits for healing, thereby allowing positive energy to flow unrestrictedly.

The Holistic Directory divulges some popular personalities who purposefully use healing crystals either to cure illnesses or to welcome positive vibes into their lives.

Meranda Kerr

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Miranda launched KORA Organics: a range of skincare, 100% Australian made with each product offering a unique blend of essential oils, natural and certified organic ingredients, all infused with the beautiful vibration of Rose Quartz. Pink Rose Quartz is probably the most important crystal for the Heart Chakra, teaching the true essence of love, opening the heart at all levels and inspires the love of beauty.

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