Common Reasons You May Be Facing Spiritual Stagnation

Being able to look past the physical self to see deeper into the inner self can be considered as one – if not the most beautiful phase in human’s existence. During this time, as you start seeing the true essence of your being, you begin to tap into the universal dance while resonating with the cosmic vibration of love.

However, as you move forward on your spiritual journey, there might come a time when everything comes into a halt, and you find yourself back into that familiar “dark night of the soul.” You simply lose track of the music, and you can’t move your feet back to the rhythm. The beautiful connection that you once felt between you and the universe simply vanishes into thin air, and it seems impossible to return to the level of light, love, and higher awareness you once grasped.

But what are the reasons for this spiritual stagnation?

According to, one common pitfall that many people succumb upon reaching spiritual awakening is developing an overinflated sense of self. At this point, you might feel like being on top of a mountain, where you cannot help but hunch to look at the people in the lowlands and feel superior for your achievement. The more you associate yourself with this feeling of superiority among others, the more you battle with your superego as your movement is motivated by self-gratification and pleasure. This makes it impossible to maintain a present awareness of acceptance and love.

In addition, negative feelings of anger and frustration are also viewed as common roadblocks to spiritual enlightenment. These feelings may bubble out of nowhere and the problem one usually faces is the unearthing of where these negative emotions came from.

Eric Hoffer, an American moral and spiritual philosopher, has something to say about this. According to him, “Spiritual Stagnation ensues when man’s environment becomes unpredictable or when his inner life is made wholly predictable.”

When it comes to anger and frustrations stemming up from spiritual awakening, it is suggested that you narrow your attention to the cause of confusion and begin to untangle problems from there.

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