Ending Old Ways and Making Way For The New

Okay, we have all heard it, from the Y2k scare to the antithesis. We have all heard at some point or another the world is going to end. There are, however, those out there that actually believe the world will ascend. According to Soul Science, There is scientific proof that the earth itself is changing, ascending if you will.

Along with the earth, humans are ascending as well. You may notice time speeding up, you may find you have not had enough time in the day to do everything you wanted, the days are going by way too fast. You may also notice there are a lot of problems coming up in your life, one thing after another after another. The chaos is never ending, globally and in your personal life. You may also find you are waking up in the middle if the night, not able to go back to sleep. According to In5D, these are the symptoms you may have of ascension. These changing indicate coming changes in your life and globally, or signify things need to change. These symptoms won’t last very long, but if you do find yourself concerned, go ahead and go to a doctor.

If you think about it for a minute the world ending hype is partially true. The old world will end, but a new bright beautiful earth will slowly and naturally be born. So naturally you won’t even notice it is happening.

But this change won’t come on it’s own. There are those of us that chose the journey before incarnations into this life to come forth to help at this moment. According to Angel Therapy Doreen Vurtue notes that these light workers have been waiting for this, this is why they are here, to help humanity shift into the next dimension of consciousness.

Take a look around! More and more people are questioning our processes foods, our social stamina, and our societies way of child rearing.

You know as well as anyone that it just doesn’t take noticing something’s wrong. It takes someone to come in and teach humanity how to change things. We are responsible for the shift. It is taking place, yes, but we need to help, to work together to make this earth the peaceful paradise we all no doubt desperately want. Let’s help humanity shift into what we call the 5th dimension!

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