Extraordinary Styles of Celebrities Who Live by Alternative Remedies

Still in two minds about holistic health and alternative therapies? Think again!

A celebrity’s world is not all glitz and glamour. More than anyone else, famous people are susceptible to many psychological hitches as their open life is continuously acknowledged – it may be ridiculed or celebrated in different parts of the globe. But do you ever wonder what some famous stars do to keep a healthy mind and body?

Most celebrities would opt for the ordinary. A regular visit to the gym, healthy foods, right diet, weekly parties, monthly vacation, etc.. Yet some icons have veered out of the usual, and discovered interesting ways to improve health the extraordinary way.

Lindsay Lohan

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After battling the dark days of her life, Lindsay Lohan is back on her feet again. Not only with the fire to live, but to live life in a spiritually fulfilling way. The actress associated her spiritual awakening with the use of a naturally occurring drug called Ayahuasca, a concoction traditionally used by Amazonian shamans.

Lohan explained that with the help of meditation and Ayahuasca, her whole life was exposed right before her eyes like a mirror, and from there she was able to let go of her dark past and start moving into the direction of the light.

Surprisingly, Lohan is not alone, other celebrities who have binged on yoga and meditation has found out that the naturally occurring drug can actually bring a dramatic inner awakening. However, those who swear with Ayahuasca’s usefulness also caution others to treat it with seriousness as it does not only bring about physical adverse reactions like headaches and vomiting, it can also be specially challenging to the psyche.

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