Feeling Tired? Here are 6 Foods to Help Beat Fatigue

1460731535752_Drink-waterDoes it always feel like no matter how much sleep you get, you still seem drained all the time? Of course, getting enough rest is essential for having lots of energy, but there’s more to that than merely sleeping well. If you are always having trouble keeping your energy levels high enough, things like your everyday diet, exercise routine, amount of mental stressors in your life, and even genetics are all relevant factors to take into account. Fortunately, there are a number of lifestyle tweaks that you can take a crack at in order to fight exhaustion and then reclaim your energy. These include dietary changes like the ones below.


  1. Eat healthy energy foods. The best way to get the most out of your food is to actually make sure you are giving yourself the best provisions possible. Aside from what you eat, when you eat can also have an impact in your mood. To keep your body fueled regularly, try eating small frequent meals instead of three huge meals all throughout the day.
  2. Stay away from processed foods. While cheeseburger and fries could be comforting while you eat them, remember that all that grease does nothing more than prevent your body’s food shortage. Processed foods are usually full of preservatives and other compounds that will only slow you down.
  3. Invest in fresh, nutrient-dense rations. The fresher your food is, the more nutrients it contains. Unlike processed foods which are normally stripped of its nutrition for longer shelf life, fresh foods are packed with vitamins and minerals which aid in keeping you stay hale and hearty.
  4. Steer clear of caffeine. It may sound out of the ordinary, but caffeine can actually make you feel tired. Yes, the first sips can give you that much needed jolt, but wait and you will soon crash. Reducing caffeine-intake can help stabilize your energy levels so you’d feel a lot better. If you badly need a fix, opt for black coffee as sodas and energy drinks are just full of refined sugar and other substances which aren’t really beneficial to our health.
  5. Avoid refined sugars and simple starches. Just like processed foods, refined carbs add little to your nutrition. That’s why choosing whole grain foods as well as complex carbohydrates ensures that your body gets the full benefits of the hull of the grain that adds fiber to your diet.
  6. Drink enough water. One of the quickest ways to hydrate your body is by drinking water. You don’t necessarily have to drink exactly eight glasses each day, but if you try to swap out coffee, sodas and other drinks for a glass of water, you will feel surely better even before you know it.
  7. Supplement your diet. If you are not getting everything you need from your food, start taking a daily vitamin. Just consult a homeopathic doctor or a nutritionist to help you get started on your supplement regimen.


Paying attention to what’s on your plate can be an effective way to keep your energy levels high. With regular exercise and good nutrition, you can keep yourself stay lively and enthusiastic.

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