How to Change Your Life By Tuning Into Your Subconscious

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Did you know you manifest every single experience you have? Yup, it’s true. Everything from your job promotion to your financial situation, to how crappy your day is. You bring it all on yourself.

How do you do this? By your subconscious beliefs. You see there’s the beliefs you know you believe, the ones you are conscious of. You know, you have to work for money your religious beliefs. But it’s the subconscious beliefs and thoughts that attract what you don’t want. It’s the feelings of doubt deep down within.

Let’s say you apply for a job and get an interview, you really want this job. You tell yourself on the way in to think positive, you outwardly act positive, but on the inside you’re nervous. There, that feeling of nervousness that feeling of doubt is why you won’t get that job. By you being nervous it’s sending out negative energy. You attract what the universe thinks you already have.

Manifestation derives from your core beliefs deep down. If you want to be wealthy, but deep down you have this nagging feeling you somehow can’t or don’t deserve to be wealthy, you won’t be wealthy. You have to change those thoughts, the ones you push deep down because you know you have to think positive in order to manifest good. You don’t push those feelings aside, you replace them with something you actually, genuinely believe. You have to go back and find out why you don’t think you deserve or get that job and find a way to prove that beliefs wrong. Only then will you change those beliefs and actually start to manifest good into your life. Here are some suggestions to get you started on your journey.


One great way to delve into your past and change how you perceive the world is through Guided Meditation.There’s plenty out there. Find a quiet place to sit for the duration of the meditation so you can concentrate fully on yourself. An important thing to remember when doing this type of meditation is not to resist or judge the feelings that come up. Resistance brings chaos. Just figure out the problem and let it go, then replace it with something just as if not more believable.


Another key note to remember in changing your beliefs is accepting them. What you feel is okay. It’s not a bad thing to feel not worthy, it’s not true, but not bad. There is no good or bad, or right or wrong feelings. We feel what we feel, that’s what our journey in this lifetime is all about, is to feel, without judgement. Detach yourself from your feelings and know that all is just fine.

Accept where you are in your journey as well, you are where you are supposed to be. This is the journey you chose before coming into this physical plane. This is where you’re supposed to be. Once you accept and become at peace with these things you will see magical things start to manifest in your life.

Let’s look into the science for just a minute here. So science tells us that everything including out thoughts is constant moving energy. Now the more thought you put into a certain thought you’re actually giving it more life. It’s growing each time you give this thought energy. Soon it will have nowhere else on go and manifest physically, good or bad. So you see the more thought you put into being broke, the more broke you are going to get.

Fake It Till You Make It

The last piece of advice I have to offer is taking you’re happy. By doing this you can actually force your mood to shift. Bringing up your vibration, ultimately making you try new things to force those old beliefs out. Do things that really make you happy. Even such things as dipping a cup of coffee on an early summer morning, or listening to uplifting music, or even smiling even though you don’t feel it on the inside.  It’s tough yes, but to be able to bring about the things that really bring you peace and happiness in life, that in itself is worth it. We can change the world this way, it is so easy one wonders why more aren’t doing this. Stay positive my friends.

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