How To Easily Ground Yourself In Just 5 minutes

Benefits of Grounding

Grounding tree

Do you ever feel like your mind is somewhere between foggy and flaky, maybe sometimes a little bit airy- fairy? Or perhaps a feeling that you are so physically charged yet can’t use that energy to do something that you really want. You are all over the place, but you are close to nowhere; there is so much inside of you, but when you try to grasp it… there seems to be nothing.

This usually happens when you are not properly grounded.

But what does being grounded mean? No, it is not the kind when parents punish their children “You made an awful mistake, you are grounded!” or a reference to the fundamentals of knowledge “this class gives students a good moral grounding.” Here, being grounded or grounding refers to the way to which your energy is connected to the energy of the earth.

It is believed that the energy of the earth can help in healing and restoration by removing the noises or energies that are not yours. Sometimes, the energies of other people that surrounds can drag you down, especially if you are very sensitive. Say, someone who is very special to you is sick and in a bad mood, or a colleague is down as she/ he is going through difficult times, their energies may creep inside you to the point that you also feel sick and blue. But if you are well grounded, you can protect yourself from these unwanted energies, you can easily figure out which energy is yours and which are not.

Aside from that, by merely taking the time to commune your energy with the energy of the earth, you will be able to create peace and more space for yourself. Relaxed and tranquil, your inner voice will become more audible… it would be easier for you to know what is it you truly want: your true passions and desires untainted by the influence of others.

In the physiological sense, grounding or being connected with nature can also improve your overall health by helping you receive electrons from the earth. Studies have shown that the charged electrons from the earth possess anti- oxidant properties that can protect the body from inflammation and other health problems by keeping the immune system at optimal levels. According to researchers from Earthling Institute, simple grounding techniques like walking barefoot for 30- 40 minutes a day can provide improvements in factors that profoundly affect the health. But aside from the electrons that interact with the body, the fresh air that sweeps past your cheek, the musical sound of nature, and the damp coldness of the earth would surely evoke the peace and relaxation that is definitely substantial to your overall health.



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