Is Mindful Eating Better Than Dieting For Managing Your Weight?

Young cheerful smiling woman eating salad

Young cheerful smiling woman eating salad


Aside from the unavoidable holiday spending, another thing that we are usually terrified during the final five weeks of the year is gaining extra pounds from indulging in delicious and seemingly limitless food supplies during the holidays. The good news is, aside from dieting to stay healthy and fit, you have another option — mindful eating.

The final five weeks of the year – between Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year – represent celebration, gathering, merry-making, and of course… good food! During this time, trying to fight your cravings will do you no good. Can you honestly snub grandma’s signature dessert or Aunt Annie’s roasted brine-soaked turkey? Well, I don’t think so. So why not savor the food as much as you enjoy your friends and family’s company?

Instead of dieting, you can start to practice mindful eating. As a form of mindfulness, conscious consumption involves being completely present or aware of the food that you are eating. Unlike dieting where you deprive yourself of your appetite, in mindful eating you actually satisfy your cravings whilst enjoying them in limited quantities. To put it simply, mindful eating is listening to the true desires of your body.

Listen To Your Body’s Need

Mindful eating entails you to connect with the true needs of your body. It requires you to carefully listen to what your body is really craving at the moment. Do you want something sweet, sour, or salty? Once you are aware of what your body truly desires, you can then choose the food that would truly satisfy your cravings. This would actually lead to less food consumption and true satisfaction.

Moreover, mindful eating helps reconnect the mind with the body. When mind and body are tuned into each other, we can easily discern our hunger and fullness cues, thus avoiding unconscious stuffing. In addition, the wisdom of our bodies naturally leads to more balanced and nourishing food choices.

In comparison, when we are disconnected from our body’s need, we tend to eat more than what is necessary. This usually happens when we are busy while working, watching TV, driving, or talking. So the next time you’re multi-tasking while eating, remind yourself that it would lead to over consumption.

Enjoy The Food

After listening to your body’s true needs and it turns out that you really like to eat certain food and they work well with your body, go ahead, savor it, take a few bites, but don’t forget the most crucial part— to take a few moments to be fully aware of the experience. Feast your eyes on that brightly colored fruitcake, smell the sweet juicy scent of the blueberry dessert, relinquish the mouth-watering tenderness of an old-fashioned glazed ham, or feel the comforting warmth offered by a hot seafood stew.



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