Ishin – Denshin: Did You Know That Your Heart Transmits What Your Mind Thinks?

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Actions and words cannot fully rely on deceptive deeds as words sugarcoated with lies flock like fleas in a butterfly’s disguise every day. It is a rare thing therefore to find someone with whom you can genuinely share your true thoughts and feelings and be purely understood, whilst bypassing any known form of human language. And this is beautifully expressed by the Japanese idea of “Ishin-Denshin”.

Ishin Denshin (以心伝心) is a powerful Japanese idiom that relates to a form of interpersonal communication that transcends any known human semantics. In Japanese terminologies, it literally means, “ what the mind thinks, the heart transmits,” while the Kodansha Dictionary of basic Japanese idioms further interprets it as “from one heart to another.”

Or better yet relate to it as a phenomenon called telepathy…

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy also referred to as tacit understanding or intuitive interaction, allows one person to gain information from the other that is shielded from their traditional senses by distance, time, or physical barriers. It can be said that when a telepathic bond between two entities is established, one is able to sense what the other is feeling, thinking, or doing. Thoughts are heard as clear as on audio and are deciphered as though they were subtitles to the mental movie of the other person.

Thoughts are energy forces, which mean they can be transmitted. What makes telepathy special is that it does not need any device to transfer this energy from one place to another. All that is needed are the absorbed minds and perceptive hearts of two people who resonate the same elemental pattern.

When using telepathy to communicate one’s thoughts and emotions, space and time fall as a mere human construct because even in the distance, a message can be conveyed to a receiver whose heart is open and sensitive to the mental energy that a sender pours on.

But sometimes we wonder: If through telepathic communication messages can be transferred without the use of device— which would help us save a lot of money for everyday mail, phone calls, and text messages— why is there no successful scientific ploy yet discovered to make it usable for all? Is it difficult to do telepathy? Who are the people capable of telepathic communication?

Telepathy and Science

The scientific outlook about telepathy is divided into two. One side discredits the idea of telepathy saying that its occurrence merely follows the probability of coincidence and that its claim to transmit messages across space without fading with distance is inconsistent with the laws of physics; however, the other scientific view which is backboned on the quantum entanglement theory rebuts by proving in experiments a fact that involves particles behaving exactly like the other object even when physically apart. Einstein refers to this as “spooky action at a distance”.

Quantum science is yet to reach its fruition, and the idea of telepathy especially when used in communication cannot yet be manifested on a grand scale to serve technology, simply because there are still loopholes, more equations to be solved, more questions to be answered.

However, one common ground with all successful scientific experiments documented within the 130 years of telepathy study is that the success rate is low among random subjects, but rates surprisingly shoot up when conducted between two people with a special connection. This bond can be seen especially between mothers and daughters or with a special kind of lovers often termed as twin souls who are destined to always carry the identical vibratory signature of their original pattern.

Notions that surround telepathy can be easily refuted as a hoax to let common scientific logic explain it alone, yet when related to the idea of love shared by two beings who dance on the same universal vibration, it can be simplified down to an equation that is as true as 1+1= 2.

Think and Feel

So don’t hold back, when you miss someone, think of them in a beautiful way. Start by sketching a special image of them in your mind. Remember how he pouts his lips when in deep concentration over solving a mathematical equation, how he distinctively crosses his leg over the other as his eyes hover over the horizon watching the oranges and neon, and faint greens in the horizon during sunset. Feel their heartbeat, whisper your message, and let your heart transmit that bright energy to the other’s heart. Let your message be transmitted with a pace faster than the speed of light— let it flow with the speed of love.

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