Left or Right? How To Tell If You Are Following Your Intuition?

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We often face those moments when we can’t seem to decide. Either because there are not too many details to fill the mind or that there is too much data that overwhelms the head. Should you turn left or right? Should you trust the person you just met? Is that a friend or not? Should you go to that event or something else? You are at a loss but have to take a stand right now. In times like these, following your intuition is your best bet. The key is to tune into your inner voice more frequently, so in times of urgency, your intuition will be your best buddy.

As human beings, we are gifted with the ability to think. Yes, that’s right, thinking is what makes us effective in our day-to-day life. The capacity to remember the past and relate it to making decisions for the present and the future is an advantage that we have over animals.

However, an excessive dosage of thinking can sometimes lead to many consequences. For one, it can overwhelm the mind distracting you from things that need more attention. Secondly, overthinking creates an inner turmoil that not only results in health problems like depression and anxiety, it also leads to poor decision-making abilities.

Jumping to a decision without thoroughly thinking about it may seem illogical, but trusting your intuition or gut instincts is probably the best thing to do when the act of conscious thinking itself consumes you wholly, disabling you from making progress and moving forward.

But What is Intuition?

Intuition, also known in common terms as a gut feeling, hunch, or instinct, is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. It is the exact opposite of thinking. Essentially, what we are doing right now, defining and reflecting intuition is precisely what intuition isn’t. Tapping into your intuition is all about quieting your conscious mind and letting the subconscious mind take over.

That Little Voice

It would serve you best to trust the wisdom of your intuition, because this is actually that little voice inside you, telling what you deeply want to do, and that voice knows, practically because through time it has accumulated facts previously stored on the subconscious level.

It can be said that your gut feelings have your best interest at heart. It is the one that whispers to walk away from something bad even if it is deceivingly attractive on the outside; it is that voice that tells who is a friend or a foe, whom to avoid or whom to hold at arm’s length.

Confusing Intuition With The Ego

You now know that you can always trust and listen closely to the guidance of intuition, but sometimes you can’t deny the fact that even if you try to follow that little voice inside, things just don’t seem right. Instead of making you happy and content, your decisions drags you deeper into sadness and discontentment.

Perhaps you have followed your ego mistaking that to be your intuition.

It is important to know that the ego and intuition have an uncanny similarity in the sense that they are both a part of you. But one must remember that while intuition is rooted on courage, love, authenticity, and generosity, the ego plays on fear, doubt and selfishness. Most importantly, intuition is heard from the heart, while the ego’s voice remains stuck in the head.

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