Lindsay Lohan on Her Life-Changing Experience With Ayahuasca

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Featured in OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) documentary series, Lindsay Lohan, the famous Hollywood star who has been continuously confronted with legal battles for a series of offenses, revealed that a naturally occurring drug known as Ayahuasca has totally helped heal her emotional, spiritual, and physical woes.

For centuries, Amazonian shamans have used Ayahuasca as a traditional spiritual medicine to create a psychedelic state that claims to cure any illness.  Some people who have employed Ayahuasca testify that they were able to receive spiritual revelations about their purpose on earth, the true essence of the universe, as well as insights on how to be the best person they can possibly be.

Lohan explained that when she tried Ayahuasca, her whole life was exposed right before her eyes in a light that she never saw before. At first, she saw her life as a third person, and could not help but say, “ Oh my god, this is really sad… and like who is helping her?”

The actress described how intense her experience was, how the thoughts on her mind flowed until it reached the part when she realized that she has to let go. “I saw myself die, born, and that I felt different ever since that,” says Lohan.

After several sessions with a shaman who guided her spiritual journey using Ayahuasca, Lohan was finally able to let go of the wreckage of her past, of what had been keeping her in the dark state she was in.  But for the actress, the greatest gift she received from the experience is the fire that was given back to her, the aggressiveness to keep going despite many obstacles that continued to bombard her personal and social life.

Aside from Lindsay Lohan, other famous personalities who have spoken positively about the use of Ayahuasca include Tori Amos, Pen Badgley, Devendra Banhart, and Sting.


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