Mindfulness: How To Enjoy The Beauty Of Living In The Moment Now

Achieving the State of Mindfulness

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Letting go is one of the crucial moves to achieve a state of mindfulness. Like a cup, you must first empty to accommodate the opportunities that pour in.

Let Go of Attachment

Sometimes being overly attached to people, things or work can stop you from fully experiencing the current moment. Stop, and let go of your responsibilities for the time being; go on, let your eyes soak in the sunset, listen to the waves, feel the breeze, smell the salty air, taste past the tip of your tongue, and savor the beauty of the moment.

Let Go of Time

The idea of flow (state of total absorption), as suggested by psychologists, is perhaps the real complete way of living in the moment. When flow occurs, you become so engrossed with the present that time and space seem to fade out of the background. The depth of engagement absorbs you powerfully, keeping attention so focused that distractions cannot penetrate. You focus so intensely on what you’re doing that you’re unaware of the passage of time.

Let Go of Regrets and Worries

Dwelling on regrets and worries not only keeps you from solving the problem, but it also drags you into a cycle of negativity. Being in the moment can actually pull you out of this cycle, and let you enjoy your life. Perhaps, this is the reason why it feels so good to just stop and breath.


One must understand that achieving a state of mindfulness does not come pronto — it entails practice and intentional action. So don’t lose faith, when at the first few attempts, you fail to bring your awareness to the present or when you are unable to linger on that magical moment. Just let the glimpse of comfort, happiness, and contentment that you have encountered motivate you to continue applying mindfulness in everything that you do.

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