Stars Who Overcame Addiction The Unconventional Way

When life gets unbearable, some people turn to drugs or alcohol to immediately cure the nagging pains of reality. Yet, this escape that had once been a friend can easily turn into a vicious enemy, consuming a person wholly. Once caught in the deadly cycle of addiction, getting out can be a monstrous feat that would take a lot of determination and courage to win over– some would succeed, and some would not. Discover some of your favorite celebrities sharing their secrets on how they struggled, battled, and eventually overcame addiction using alternative methods.

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Drew Barrymore – Friendship

Growing with a drug addict father and a workaholic mother, Drew Barrymore’s childhood was undeniably a difficult one that she even asked for parental emancipation at age 18. This had also possibly contributed to her addictions; yet, Barrymore eventually chose to forget the past, and finally achieved sobriety. The beautiful actress credited her healing to multiple rehabs and the company of friends who maintain a similar lifestyle.

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