Top 14 Greatest Tricks To Feel Better Instantly. You Won’t Believe #3!

Yes, you CAN do these in 5 minutes or less every day!

13. Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body


Learning to listen and working with your body are your best bets in recognizing and preventing illness. And yes, it’s never too late. Your body literally speaks for what is going on inside and outside in your everyday world. It starts with little clues and then slowly gets louder and louder. Just like a baby that sometimes has to cry loudly to get attention!

  • If you see a pattern of either pain or discomfort and pay attention, you catch it way before it becomes a problem
  • Helps you make healthier choices as you begin to trust your body
  • Helps you identify the emotions and situations that trigger a certain response in your body
  • Helps you recognize and let go of patterns that no longer positively serve you
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